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Who we are

Nicolas Lacoumette

Nicolas is FKFX’s core product designer. He has a 15+ years of experience in music industry, specialized in world music, he worked as producer with Emel Mathlouthi, Arash Khalatbari, Adele B.,and Habib Meftah Bousheri, on studio and live.

His passion for music software designs, started at the same time, and he won several awards in the past, as Devine Machine founder. He made X-Incarn, Devine Machine, KrishnaSynth, GURU, and some more. He had to stop this activity at the time because of his too low self-taught knowledge with coding, and went on with music, until lockdown.

He then created FKFX to promote new music software designs, with the great help of JUCE framework, and above all with the brilliant DSP code created by Laurent De Soras. FKFX won the wildcard award (public best notes) for Influx at KVR DC21 contest.

Laurent De Soras

Laurent De Soras is the former Ohmforce DSP coder, he helped Nicolas with adding his own magical DSP from Pedale Vite inside FKFX products.

He is the sound man behind all Ohmforce plugins, Ohmicide, Ohmygod, Symptohm, and many more.

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